The sugoi.json file is defining the structure of the project and provide information for the building process. Using the sugoi.json file we are possible to define multiple micro-services under the same workspace (root directory)


  "version": "4.0.0",
  "workspace": "Your Project workspace",
  // your projects which you can select for building process using --project=name flag
    "main": { 
      "entry": "src/app/server.ts", // entry point of the project
      "dist": "dist/main",// where to export the file
      "configurationDir": "configuration", // Where to resolve the configuration from
      "excludes": [], // path to exclude from building
      "includes": [] // path to include in building
    "auth": {
      "entry": "src/app/auth.ts",
      "dist": "dist/auth",
      "configurationDir": "configuration",
      "excludes": [],
      "includes": []

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