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Function argument validation

@sugoi\core comes with pre-defined policy for validating functions arguments:

ValidateSchemaPolicy(failedResponseCode: number = 400, ...policyMeta: TValidateSchemaMeta[])

failedResponseCode: number - The code will be stored under the exception if the value does not meet the criteria.

policyMeta: TValidateSchemaMeta - Meta data for validation.

    schema: {[prop:string]:ComparableSchema}|ComparableSchema,
    argIndex?: number, - The argument index which need to validate - default is 0
    keyInArg?: string  - Key in argument (optional)


Schema -

        text:string//with regex  /([A-Z])+/i

Usage -

@ValidateSchemaPolicy(400, {
        schema: {
            "role": ComparableSchema.ofType(
                {text: ComparableSchema.ofType(SchemaTypes.STRING).setRegex("([A-Z])+", "i")}
        argIndex: 0


In case the argument doesn't meet the criteria an exception will thrown with the given failed response code

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