Delay module initialization

Delay module initialization for resource establish, configuration fetching e.g.


Whenever a module initialized all of it services will automatically be initialized with all of their dependencies. This solution allow you to delay this initialization until the resource will be available.

Set delay loading

For setting a delay loading all need to be done is implementing the IServerModule interface.

This interface expose the onLoad method which returns a promise. As soon the promise will be resolved the module initialization will continue.


import {IServerModule, ServerModule} from "@sugoi/server"
import {ConfigHandler} from "@app/configuration/handler";

    services: [CoreService],
export class BootstrapModule imlements IServerModule{
        constructor(private injector: Injector){
       public async onLoad(): any | Promise<any> {
            const configHandler = this.injector.get<ConfigHandler>(ConfigHandler);
            return await configHandler.populate();

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