Response handling

Handling server response with custom and pre-define responses


SugoiJS handle automatically the responses by returning value from the controller methods, both sync and async. This will trigger the default response handler which return the resolved object with status code 200 and content-type of application\json.

For setting your own responses you can use the HttpResponse class.


This class equipped with builder and helper function with set to give you the ability to set the response content, status code and headers.

Usage example

public async example() {
    return HttpResponse.builder(message)
        .setHeaders({"Cache-Control": "max-age=120"})


public async example() {
    return HttpResponse.builder(message,{"Cache-Control": "max-age=120"},202);

Pre-defined responses

  • Forbidden

  • NotFound

  • Ok

  • ServerError

  • Unauthorized

  • BadRequest

Usage example

export class Responses{
    async notFound() {
        return NotFound("not found");
    async serverError() {
        return ServerError("error");
    async unauthorized() {
        return Unauthorized("unauthorized");
    async forbidden() {
        return Forbidden("forbidden");
    async ok() {
        return Ok("ok");
    async badrequest() {
        return BadRequest("bad request");

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