Connectable model

Models which are based on direct connection to DB

Example (by the @sugoi/mongodb package implementation):

import {Connection,ConnectableModel} from "@sugoi/orm";

export class MongoModel extends ConnectableModel{
    protected static ConnectionType:Connection = MongoConnection;

    constructor() {

    public static connectEmitter(connection: MongoConnection): Promise<{ dbInstance: Db, client: MongoClient }> {
            const connectionConfig = {
                authSource: connection.authDB

            return MongoClient.connect(connection.getConnectionString(), connectionConfig)
                .then((client: MongoClient) => {
                    return {client}

Setting connectable model connection name

By default connectable model use connection which label by name "default" (case sensitive).

For changing the connection name use:

  1. Class static method setConnectionName(name:string):

  2. @ConnectionName(name:string) decorator:

     export class Post extends ModelAbstract{

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