Model interface


(static method) findAll(query: any = {}, options?: QueryOptions) - query all records

(static method) findOne(query: any = {}, options:QueryOptions ={limit:1}) - query one record

(static method) findById(id: string | number, options:QueryOptions ={limit:1}) - query by id

(static method) find(query: any = {}, options?: QueryOptions) - customize query


(static method) removeAll(query: any = {}, options?: QueryOptions) - remove all records

(static method) removeOne(query: any = {}, options:QueryOptions ={limit:1}) - remove one record

(static method) removeById(id: string | number, options:QueryOptions ={limit:1}) - remove by id

(instance method) remove(query: any = {}, options?: QueryOptions) - remove the record itself

Save (create)

(instance method) save(options?: QueryOptions) - Save instance to DB\Microservice


(static method) updateById(id: string | number, options:QueryOptions ={limit:1}) - update by id

(instance method) update(options?: QueryOptions) - Update instance on DB\Microservice

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