Setting services

Singleton services for easy data manipulation

Define class as singleton

For setting class as service the class must be decorated with @Injectable decorator, this will set the class as singleton.

class MyService{
    public listeners:number = 0;

    public incListeners(){

    public decListeners(){

The service need to be set on the module services array:

    services: [MyService]
export class MyModule{

later we will be able to inject the service instance.

Variable binding

  • @Inject(MyService) private myService:MyService

  • @Inject("MyService") private myService:MyService

  • constructor(private myService:MyService)

Returning the value from the "container"

The InversifyJS container is handling the singleton objects.

The container is stored on the server instance, each request and the ServerContainerService by the instanceId, so it can be reached in the following ways:

  • server.container

  • req.container

  • ServerContainerService.getContainerById(serverInstanceId)

After retrieving the container we will able to get the service instance as following:

  • private myService:MyService = container.get(MyService)

  • private myService:MyService = container.get("MyService")

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