QueryOptions (sort, page, limit)

QueryOptions is an object which provides the query meta-data like sort, offset and limit

QueryOptions class contains a builder method for easy "inline" usage.


limit:number - The maximum records amount to query. default - 0.

offset:number - The amount of record which should be skipped, can also be use for page number. default - 0.

sort:Array - Array of sorted fields and their sort direction - SortItem

    sortOption: SortOptions;// "DESC" | "ASC"
    field: string;

Usage example

public static pagingQuery(query:any,limit:number,page:number){
    DataModel.findAll(query, QueryOptions.builder()
                            new SortItem(SortOptions.DESC, "amount"),
                            new SortItem(SortOptions.ASC, "lastUpdate")

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